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One Level-I or Level-II Philosophy Course

Dr. L. O. Bamikole

Two lecture hours and one tutorial hour per week.



PH36A Recent Philosophy I


Course Description

Course Rationale

The basic objective of this course is to enable students to identify the main features of 20th Century philosophy in relation to what had transpired in previous philosophical era and the influence which 20th century philosophy has on the current philosophical trends in the 21st Century.
The major concern of 20th Century philosophy is to break away from metaphysical system of thought which characterized philosophical endeavors in the past and to identify philosophy with: (i) the meaning, clarification and analysis of words and concepts and (ii) the analysis of the most general structures of our experiences. Some writers have therefore identified 2 major philosophical movements in the 20th Century, namely, analysis and phenomenology. It may be said, then, that 20th Century philosophy has a scientific undertone, using the word ‘scientific’ in a broad sense.
The course will however examine the strengths and weaknesses of the 20th Century conception of philosophy in relation to the question whether the philosophers of that period were successful in breaking away totally from the philosophy of the past and to what extent this philosophical era has influenced the philosophical enterprise in the 21st Century.

Course Outline
  • Features and defining characteristics of 20th century philosophy.
  • Analytic philosophy.
  • Logical positivism.
  • Phenomenalism.
  • Existentialism and phenomenology.
  • Pragmatism.
  • Pacifism.
  • Utilitarian and intuitionist ethical theories.

Tutorial presentation and participation 10%
One research essay (2500 words) type- written, double spacing, 12 font 30%
Final Examination (two hours) 60%
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