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Overview of Geography Courses

The Geography programme is designed to provide a university degree that reflects the interdisciplinary nature of Geography and allows students to combine Geography with other subjects in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. Curriculum reform is intended to provide opportunities to combine Geography with Economics, Sociology, Government, History, Archaeology and Modern Languages, while continuing to facilitate popular combinations with Geology and other science based subjects in the Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences.

The programme enables students to obtain a broad-based university education that allows them to better understand the world, in the way people, cultures, economies and societies interact with natural resources and the physical environment, and in understanding important topical issues relating to environmental and developmental processes. This aim is aligned to the UWI strategic vision of the ideal UWI graduate.

Students develop the four traditional skills which are the hallmark of a Geographer: articulacy, literacy, graphicacy and numeracy, together with a fifth skill, a proficiency in computer-based IT skills in data analysis and presentation, cartography and the application of GIS.

Our courses provide relevant academic training and knowledge for Geography graduates to enter geography-related professional careers in a wide range of applied fields in the Caribbean region. 


Overview of Geology Courses

The geology programme  aims firstly to develop a sound knowledge base that is relevant to geology and earth science in the greater Caribbean (that is the Caribbean, Central America, the western central Atlantic, northern South America and southern North America); and secondly to develop a series of ‘graduate key skills’ with which graduates can use their knowledge base to solve problems. 

The programme provides a relevant and up-to-date geology curriculum for the Caribbean region for the twenty-first century, with high-quality courses that are regularly updated and provide the knowledge base and practical skills to allow graduates to be employed in the geosciences.

We produce students in geology with the theoretical (knowledge base), practical (field and laboratory) and transferrable skills (linguistic, numerical, computer) that allow them to gain employment within the Caribbean region as geologists, or to enter into a graduate programme (M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.) at UWI or in universities in Europe, North America and Japan.


Graduates who can apply their practical skills in the laboratory, including: accurate observation; appropriate recording protocols; critical analysis and interpretation of observations; application of appropriate classification schemes; qualification and quantification of data; and geological problem solving.