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Phone: 3011

Office: Room 17

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Courses Taught  ECON2002| ECON2006 |ECON2008

                       ECON2010| ECON3049

Qualifications:  PhD | Curriculum vitae



  • Haughton, A.Y. and Iglesias E.M., (2012) ‘Interest rate volatility, Asymmetry interest rate pass through and the monetary transmission mechanism: A comparison between Asia, the Caribbean and the US’. Economic Modeling, 29:2071-2089.[1]
  • Haughton, A.Y. and Iglesias E.M., (2013), ‘The Interaction between Monetary Policy (interest rates) and Stock Prices: A Comparison between the Caribbean and the US, Applied Financial Economics, 23: 515 -534.[2]
  • Haughton, A.Y. and Iglesias E.M., (2013), ‘Assessing Long Run Money Neutrality in Monetary Unions’, International Journal of Finance and Economics, 18-1:25-50.[3]
  • KnIfe, K.A.H. and Haughton, A.Y., (2013) ‘Social Entrepreneurship- reducing crime and improving the perception of police performance within developing countries’, International Journal of Entrepreneurship 17: 61-76.[4]
  • KnIfe, K.A.H., Haughton, A.Y., and Dixon, E. (2014) ‘Measuring the effectiveness of Social organizations/Social Sector Actors in Developing countries’, Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal 20:1: 1-22.[5]

Teaching/Research Philosophy:

Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

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