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$1.5m Policy Weak On Its Own

What are people anticipating from the Budget today?

Briefing | Andrew Holness’ Budget Presentation: Taking Positive Actions To Secure The Future Of Our People

Last week, the prime minister gave his contribution to the Budget Debate for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. Mr. Holness declared that he had brought his family to Parliament, which

Briefing | Dr. Peter Phillips Budget Reply: Empowering The People, Restoring Hope

The budget Debate continues and Dr. Peter Phillips, leader of the Opposition People's National Party, delivered his budget rebuttal, titled Empowering the People restoring Hope.

Where Was Phillips' Main Focus?

Briefing | What Is New In The Budget?


For the first time ever, to the best of my knowledge, the Government has tabled a Budget without implementing new tax revenue measures. Traditionally, we take it as a norm for the government to add a new tax category or increase the tax on an existing source to help generate revenue, given the country's limited fiscal space.


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