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Level I

1. ECON1000: Principles of Economics I

2. ECON1012: Principles of Economics II

3. ECON1003: Mathematics for Social Sciences I

4. ECON1004: Mathematics for Social Sciences II

5. ECON1005: Introduction to Statistics

6. ACCT1003: Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting

7. ACCT1005: Financial Accounting

8. FOUN1101: Caribbean Civilization

9. FOUN1201: Science, Medicine, and Technology in Society

10. FOUN1013: Critical Reading and Writing in the Social Sciences or FOUN1019: Critical Reading and Writing in the Disciplines


11. ECON2000: Intermediate Microeconomics I

12. ECON2001: Intermediate Microeconomics II

13. ECON2002: Intermediate Macroeconomics I

14. ECON2003: Intermediate Macroeconomics II

15. ECON2008: Statistical Methods

16. ECON2015: Matrix Algebra for Business and Social Sciences

17. MGMT2004: Computer Applications

18. MGMT2068: Risk and Treasury Management

19. MGMT2023: Financial Management I

20. ECON3010: Finance and Development

21. ECON3011: Economics of Financial Institutions

22. ECON3049: Econometrics

23. ECON3073: Credit Analysis and Lending

24. MGMT3066: Business Ethics for Bankers

25. MGMT3067: Regulatory Framework of Banking and Finance

26-30. Plus 5 Level II/III Economics or Management Electives


  • Students are urged to do ECON2016: Calculus for Social Sciences as an elective.
  • Students pursuing a degree in Economics or Banking and Finance MUST NOT register for MGMT2020.
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