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Office Hours: 
Department Of Economics Main Block, Room15

Qualifications & Granting Institution

  • Ph.D. Statistics (Purdue University)
  • MSc. Mathematical Statistics (Purdue University)
  • MSc. Statistics (UKC)
  • BSc. Statistics and Economics (UWI)


  • Dixon Hamil K., Iannone B.V., Huang W.K., Fei S., and Zhang H. (2016).
  • Cross-Scale Contradictions in Ecological Relationships. Landscape Ecology. Vol. 31. No. 1. pp. 7-18.; Iannone B. V., Potter K., Dixon Hamil K., Huang W.K., Zhang H., Guo Q., Oswalt C., Woodall C., and Fei S. (2016).
  • Evidence of Biotic Resistance to Invasions in Forests of the Eastern USA. Landscape Ecology. Vol. 31. No. 1. pp. 85-99.; Dixon Hamil K., and McLean Cooke W. (2010).
  • Team Teaching/Teaching to Know. M. Chisholm (Ed.), In JFHAA Active and Interactive Teaching and Learning Guide (pp. 41-48). Jamaica Fulbright-Humphrey Alumni.; Dixon Hamil K. (2008).
  • The WAC Experience: Integrating Writing Strategies into a Third Year Statistics Course. Caribbean Journal of Education, Vol 30. No. 2. pp. 248 – 276. Special Issue.

Work in Progress

• Rollinson, C., Finley, A., Alexander, M. R., Banerjee, S., Dixon Hamil, K., Koenig, L., Locke, D., Peterson, M., Tingley, M., Wheeler, K., Youngflesh, C., and Zipkin, E. Working across space and time: nonstationarity in ecological research and application;
• Ward, S., Taylor, B. S., Dixon Hamil, K., Riitters, K. and Fei, S., Effects of roads and associated landscape context on invasion by forest plants

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