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The objective of the course is to introduce both economics majors and nonmajors to the basic tools and concepts of economics. Students will be exposed to the core economic principles – the basic ideas that underlie how economists interpret the world. The course will also introduce the toolkit of methods used by economists. Thus, the course covers how markets work (and when they don't work) and how consumers and producers make decisions. Finally, the course applies these tools and concepts to explain economic phenomena such as economic growth, inflation and the overexploitation of natural resources.
At the end of this course, students will be able to engage the core principles of the methodology of economics in everyday use, evidenced by an ability to assess and interpret public issues and events with the mindset of the economist.
Outline: Introduction to the Study of Economics, Fundamental: An Intuitive Introduction to the Core Principles, Introducing the Economist's Toolkit. Measuring and Counting Economic Variables, and the world around Us: Examples of Economic Applications.

Pre-requisites: CSEC/CXC Math or GCE Math or ECON0001 or GOVT0100

Semester: 1 & 2

LecturerDr. Patrice Whitely

Position: Lecturer

Office Hours:

Office Location: (Sir Alister McIntyre Building), Block I  I-217, 


Lecturer: Ms Anna-kay Hall

Position: Adjunct Assistant Lecturer


Office Hours: N/A

Office Location:





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