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The course is designed to review students' knowledge of elementary mathematics and to expose them to some of the mathematical concepts and techniques that are required to study mathematical models in economics and the management sciences. Emphasis will be placed on the understanding of important concepts and developing analytical skills rather than just computational skills, the use of algorithms and the manipulation of formulae.

Outline: Remainder and Factor Theorems; Graphs of Functions; Systems of Inequalities; Complex Numbers; Theory of Logarithms and Exponential Functions; Matrix Algebra - Matrix Solution of Linear Systems of Equations in two and three variables; Sequences and Series; Limits; Continuity; Concept of Derivative; Rules of Differentiation; Applications of Differentiation - Maxima and Minima; Vertical and Horizontal Asymptote; Sophisticated Graphing


Pre-requisites: CSEC/CXC Math or GCE Math or ECON0001 or GOVT0100 (Anti-requisite: MATH0100, MATH0110& MATH1141)

Semester: 1 & 2

Lecturer: Mr. Xhano Soares

Position: Assistant Lecturer

Office Hours:

Office Location: (Sir Alister McIntyre Building), Block E  E-206, 



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