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The purpose of this course is to present the student with a theoretical framework within which to understand the issue of fluctuations in an economy. The framework is quite general and does not itself focus on any particular economy. However, by the end of the course, you should be able to use this theoretical framework to understand the economic issues currently relevant to Caribbean economies, such as:

Why did the inflation rate in Jamaica fall so dramatically over the last five years?
Why are interest rates lower in the OECS (Organization of Eastern Caribbean States) countries than they are in Jamaica and Trinidad?
3How has Barbados managed to maintain exchange rate stability for 20 years? Equally important, by the end of the course you should have become familiar with some of the methodologies of macroeconomic analysis, which has broader applications outside of the issues to which we apply them. This course does not take off immediately from where Introduction to Macroeconomics, your first-year course, ended.

Outline: A Basic Short-Run Model, The Role of Financial Markets, Price Changes and the Medium Run, Shocks and Policies and Persistent Inflation.

Pre-requisitesECON1012 & (ECON1003 or ECON1004 or MATH1142) or (MATH0100 & MATH0110)

Semester: 1 & 2

Lecturer: Dr. Andre Haughton

Position: Senior Lecturer

Office Hours: N/A

Office Location: Department Of Economics Main Block, Room 17



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