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This course seeks to introduce the student to the unique characteristics of the Caribbean economy, highlighting the challenges faced and the opportunities that beckon. A brief history of Caribbean economies will precede an examination of the structure and performance of said economies, with focus placed on crucial domestic and international issues. The course will also highlight numerous impacts of globalization on the small economies of the Caribbean and will examine the challenges and possibilities associated with economic integration in the region.

Pre-requisites: ECON1000 (Antirequisite:ECON2021) 

Semester: 1 

Lecturer: Ms. Romae Finegan-Muschette

Position: Assistant Lecturer


Office Hours: N/A

Office Location: (Sir Alister McIntyre Building), Block E E-205



Course Outlines

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2018-2019 More Detail
2019-2020 More Detail
2020-2021 More Detail
2021-2022 More Detail
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