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The course examines:

  • The nature and role of financial institutions in an economy
  • The economic and financial environment in which Financial Institutions operate
  • Commercial Banks (performance analysis, structure and regulation)
  • Selected areas in the management of Commercial Banks and non-bank Financial Intermediaries (liquidity measurement, lending policies, investment policies, capital management, and asset and liquidity)
  • Non-bank financial intermediaries (credit unions, building societies, money market funds, life and non-life insurance companies, pension funds, finance companies and investment companies).

Outline: The relationship between the financial sector and economic growth; The role of credit unions; The role of development banks; The role of microfinance; Financial Repression; Financial Liberalization; Financial Regulation and Supervision; Causes and Consequences of, and Responses to Financial Crises; Government Taxation and Borrowing; Private Portfolio Investment.


Pre-requisites: ECON2002


Lecturer: Mr. Jevon Henry

Position: Assistant Lecturer

Office Hours: N/A

Office Location: Staff Office - Western Jamaica Campus



Course Outlines

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