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This course presumes knowledge of the material covered in ECON3049. The student is introduced to the multivariate regression model at the outset. Extensive use is made of matrix algebra throughout. The CLRM is reviewed and the properties of the ordinary least squares estimators discussed. Students are exposed to alternative estimation techniques including the use of instrumental variables, the method of maximum likelihood and the method of moments. The course covers advanced topics including models with lagged dependent variables, simultaneous equation systems and time series econometrics. Diagnostic problems and problems of estimation are emphasized. A project paper is required from each student. Specific case studies will be taken from Caribbean economic activity and econometric models of various Caribbean countries will be reviewed. Computing Packages will be used extensively in exploring the content of the course.

Pre-requisites: (ECON2009 & ECON3049) or STAT3001

Semester: 2 

Lecturer: Dr Nekeisha Spencer

Position: Senior Lecturer

Office Hours: N/A

Office Location: (Sir Alister McIntyre Building), Block E E-210



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