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This course introduces the field of economic development. It examines a number of definitions and measures of development and highlights the structural diversity and common characteristics of less developed countries (LDCs). The theories of development are reviewed, and numerous multidisciplinary perspectives on development are highlighted. The course topics include Development Economics and the Concept of Development; Classification of Developing Countries using Statistical indices; Caribbean Development Overview; Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives on Development (Culture and Development, The Politics of Development, Gender and Development, The Environment and Development); Theories of Development and Under-development (Limiting Factor Theories, Stages of Growth Theories, Structural Change Models, External/International/ Dependence Explanations of Under-development, The Neo-Classical Counter-Revolutionary Models).  

Pre-requisites: ECON2002

Semester: 1

Lecturer: Mr Rayon Cameron

Position: Adjunct Assistant Lecturer

Office Hours: N/A

Office Location: 



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