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  1. What is Plagiarism?

    Plagiarism is a form of cheating. Plagiarism is the unauthorized and/or unacknowledged use of another person's intellectual efforts and creations howsoever recorded, including whether formally published or in manuscript or in typescript or other printed or electronically presented form. Plagiarism includes taking passages, ideas or structures from another work or author without proper and unequivocal attribution of such source(s), using the conventions for attributions or citing used in this University. Since any piece of work submitted by a student must be that student‘s own work, all forms of cheating including plagiarism are forbidden.
    Plagiarism also involves the case of material taken from the internet without acknowledgment or giving proper credit-Cyber cheating. Any plagiarism violates academic integrity.
    Any instance of plagiarism that is established will be subject to a penalty. Students are referred to the UWI Examinations Regulations 79-85 for further information.

  2. What is the difference between part-time and full-time?

    A part-time student is allowed to register for no more than 3 courses per semester.
    A full-time student must register for 5 courses per semester (30 credits for the year)

  3. I wish to change my major (add another major, minor etc). What should I do?

    You should make a request for the intended major/minor online. Check to ensure that such request is approved before registering for the corresponding courses.

  4. If I change my major, what year handbook do I follow for my new major?

    You are bound by the year when you started the new major


  1. What are core courses?

    Core courses are compulsory courses within each programme (as identified in your faculty handbook)

  2. Do I have to do all of my level 1 courses before I am allowed to do level 2 courses?

    You do not need to complete all of your level 1 courses first but you must ensure that you have the prerequisites for the specific level 2 or 3 course. You should also ensure that you complete all of your core courses.

  3. What is add/drop?

    During the registration period, students will be permitted to request adjustments to their academic programme once they have obtained academic approval. This request should be made on the Student Administrative System (SAS).


  1. How can I be granted an Oral Examination?

    The Board of Examiners may recommend to the Department that a student who has failed the last one or two courses required to complete the degree be offered an Oral Examination in that one or those two courses provided that he/she has obtained in each instance a mark of at least 35% for the course(s).
    The Oral examination will concern the courses as a whole, and not be restricted to the questions set in the examination, which the student did. The first examiner and at least one other Examiner must be present at an Oral Examination.
    If the examination is passed, the student cannot be awarded a mark higher than 40 a marginal pass for the course. If he/she fails the Oral, the student will not have any right of appeal or review

  2. Exams Only regulation

    Students will only be entitled to register for Exams Only in the following circumstances after having been registered for and attended classes in a course(s).

    a. She/he has failed one or two of the final courses needed to complete the degree programme and obtained a mark of no less than 35% in each course.

    b. She/he has obtained a medical excuse, certified by the University Health Centre, for not having attempted an exam.

    c. In exceptional circumstances, the Dean may grant a student a deferral from sitting an exam and permission to take it on a subsequent occasion, by virtue of special assignments overseas for an employer (part-time students only) or by virtue of being selected to represent the country on a national team. In both instances, formal representation will have to be made by the employer/national association.

  3. I missed a coursework exam. What should I do?

    A student who is absent from a coursework examination may apply to the Dean of the Faculty for exemption from this examination no later than one week following the date of this examination. He/she must at the same time submit to the Assistant Registrar (Examinations) justification for such absence. For example,
    `a medical certificate in the case of illness.

  4. I failed a course can I do a re-sit?

    There is no such thing as a re-sit. A student must register for the failed course at the next convenient time. This means that if you are full time and registering for the course you failed you must select four additional courses. It cannot be done as an extra course.
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