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We welcome all students who are joining our M.Sc. Economics and M.Sc. International Economics and International Law programme. The M.Sc. International Economics and International Law programme is a joint programme between the Department of Economics and the Department of Government. We trust that you will have an intellectual stimulating two year with us. We would also like to welcome back our returning students and hope that you have a wonderful summer break.

We encourage you to make the best of your time with us, not only in the classroom but to embrace the full experience of studying at UWI Mona. You will meet new people, both fellow graduate students, and lecturers. You can learn much from each other as well as from your lecturers. Do not be afraid to engage each other and your lecturers in discussions inside and outside the classroom. Try to always make the connection between what is happening in the classroom and what is happening in the world around you, both inside and outside of Jamaica. Economics is a very powerful tool and you will discover that it can be applied to areas that you thought were outside of the scope of economics. It is these discoveries that make the subject so alive and interesting.

There will be times when you might doubt yourselves. When this happens remind yourselves that this is normal, even your lecturers had these moments when they were students.
Pace yourselves, do not leave too much work for 'just before examinations. There is plenty of work to be done, and the best coping strategy is to start early and work consistently. Do not stay up all night before exams. This only leads to tiredness and suboptimal performances. Study hard but enjoy the experience.



International Economics & International law Master of Science
Economics Master of Science
Economics Doctor of Philosophy
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