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Phone: 876-970-6014 Ext 3012

Office: McIntyre Building E-208

Office Hours: Mon 1-2pm, Thu 1-2 & 4-5pm

Courses Taught: ECON6027 |ECON6031 |ECON6004 |ECON3072 |ECON3072


Ph.D Economics (New School, New York), Diplom (M.A. Equivalent) Political Science (Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universitaet, Frankfurt)   


Jan Keil, "Depreciated Depreciation Methods? Alternatives to Sraffa's Take on Fixed Capital,” Review of Political Economy, forthcoming 2016.

Jan Keil, "Explaining the Concentration-profitability Paradox" Review of Political Economy 2017.

Jan Keil, The Trouble with Approximating Industry Concentration from Compustat, Journal of Corporate Finance, 2017.


Research Interests: Corporate Finance, Industrial Organization, Classical Political Economy, Energy Economics

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