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Phone: 876.790.6010

Office: McIntyre Building I-214

Courses Taught:ECON2000 ECON6003| ECON2009 ECON6026

Office Hours: Mon 4-6 ; Wed 4-5

Bsc. Actuarial Science, MSc. Economics,(UWI) Phd. Economics (MSu)|
Curriculum vitae




Freckleton, Marie and Patrice Whitely. 2012 “Regional Integration, Institutions and Export Performance in CARIFORUM Countries.” Regional Development Studies 16:31-39

Whitely, Patrice. 2016 '"A" is for Attendance: The Impact of Class Attendance on Student Performance.'  Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean 15(1)


Working Papers:

"Who Gets the Job? Sex, Class and Discrimination", joint with Nekeisha Spencer and Mikhail-Ann Urquhart

 Research Interests: Trade, Growth, Exchange rates, and Teaching methodologies.


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