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Level I

  1. Students pursuing a Statistics Minor must complete the Level I pre-requisites for the courses selected at Levels II/III, namely: ECON1004: Mathematics for Social Sciences II and ECON1005: Introduction to Statistics.

Level II & Level III

  1. ECON2008: Statistical Methods I
  2. ECON2009: Statistical Methods II
  3. ECON2014: Sampling Methods for Business and Social Sciences
  4. Level II/III Statistics Electives
  5. Level II/III Statistics Electives

For the purpose of selection, the following are considered as Statistics Electives:

  1. ECON3003: Game Theory
  2. ECON3037: Operations Research
  3. ECON3049: Econometrics
  4. ECON3050: Applied Econometrics
  5. ECON3040: Non-Parametric Statistics
  6. SOCI3018: Demography I
  7. SOCI3021: Demography II
  8. STAT2001: Inferential Statistics
  9. STAT2002: Discrete Statistics
  10. STAT2003: Linear Models
  11. STAT2004: Multivariate Methods
  12. STAT3001: Regression Analysis
  13. STAT3002: Time Series
  14. STAT3003: Design & Analysis of Experiments

SOCI2008 is not accepted as a prerequisite for any ECON course. Students will have to do ECON2008 or STAT2001

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