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AFJ partners with The UWI and NBCF to BOOST STEM Education

The American Friends of Jamaica (AFJ) is announcing the launch of its Independence Day Campaign. The campaign aims to celebrate Jamaica's resilience, vibrancy and culture. On August 6, 2021 Jamaica will celebrate 59 years of independence. With this being one of the most publicly celebrated holidays in Jamaica and across diaspora communities in the U.S., in the spirit of solidarity, our goal is to further the journey of Independence by promoting 21st century skills. This will be achieved by making STEM education more accessible. The campaign will therefore focus on STEM education beginning at the tertiary level.

The AFJ is supporting the University of West Indies (UWI) and the National Baking Company Foundation (NBCF) in an initiative to bring to life BOOST (Building Out Our STEM Teachers). BOOST is an innovative UWI/Private Sector ‘back-end incentivized’ scholarship initiative that will enable tertiary STEM graduates to give back up to three years of service in the classroom at the beginning of their career. This program will increase the quality and quantity of STEM teachers in the classroom.

The most meaningful way to give back and celebrate Independence Day is to donate to STEM education in Jamaica. Tell A Friend, Recurring Donations go a far way - Donate at





Published on 07 Aug, 2021

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