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Chemistry Celebrates Ms. Winnifred Worrell after 20 Years of Distinguished Service

Ms. Winifred Worrell retired from The University of the West Indies after 20 years of service. Ms. Winifred Worrell was first engaged to the UWI in August 1998 as a Departmental Attendant in the Chemistry Department. She became a permanent member of the Chemistry family in April 2001 and served faithfully until her retirement in January 2021. The Department of Chemistry fondly remembers Mrs Winnifred Worrell as one whose presence brought love, light, life and laughter. Her cheerful demeanour made her offer everyone – whether staff or visitor - a warm greeting. She is also remembered for her diligence and professionalism and her willingness to lend a helping hand. In the words of the Department “Mrs Worrell treated all with respect and was well respected in return. Her quietly fashionable persona, her infectious laugh, her dependability and her love for, and commitment to, the Department and the University will be truly missed. Her retirement leaving a void that will not be easily filled.



On the occasion of her retirement, the Department of Chemistry and the Faculty salutes Mrs Winnifred Worrell on a job well done.

Published on 24 Feb, 2021

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