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FST commenced Faculty-wide Beautification Initiative through Pre-Labour Day Project

In an effort to enhance the green spaces and their ambiance, the Beautification Committee of the Faculty of Science and Technology, proposed a Pre-Labour Day project that took place on Friday, May 20, 2022. The effort saw the execution of several projects across the Faculty, with identified spaces being spruced up, fruit trees and ornamentals being planted, watered and areas refreshed with new coats of paint. In addition, some Offices seized the opportunity to de-clutter and to refresh their Offices, Laboratories and parking lot areas.

Beautification Committee Chairs, Prof. Paula Tennant (Department of Life Sciences) and Mrs. Rosalene Simmonds (Dean’s Office) agreed that the day was a successful and rewarding one, the genesis of the overhauling of the FST. They thanked the Heads of Departments and staff who partnered and those who are scheduled to come on stream by Summer 2022 for making these incremental steps to enhance our environment.

Plans are afoot to add more plants and related outdoor decor, institute plant care and maintenance, and to train staff in basic gardening techniques.

Published on 24 May, 2022

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