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FST Recognises National Maths Week

The Ministry of Education in Jamaica recognises March 28 to April 1, 2021 as ‘Maths Week’. This year it is being celebrated under the theme, ‘Born to Do Math’. The Ministry hopes to highlight that every child, parent, and by extension every Jamaican has the ability to do Maths. Over the period, students will have the opportunity to participate in activities such as: math games, motivational talks, and hear success stories from persons who struggled through Mathematics and are now successful.



The Department of Mathematics in FST has contributed to the national development of mathematics through research and programmes such as  CAPE Workshops, the Mathematical Bridging Programme and the Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad (JMO). CAPE Workshops and the Mathematical Bridging Programme prepare students for the rigours of University study by reinforcing their basic mathematical skills. The Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad (JMO) comprises two distinct series of Mathematical Competition - The Junior Mathematical Olympiad for students in grades four through six and The Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad for students in secondary schools grade seven through eleven.  The high-school competition is followed by a selection examination to choose the three best performers who will make up the Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad Team.  This team competes in an international Olympiad called the Central American and Caribbean Mathematical Olympiad (CENTRO).  The CENTRO is open to students in participating countries aged 16 years or younger.

 For 2021, the dates for the First round of JMO are:


  • Senior Math Olympiad - March 31
  • Junior Math Olympiad - April 15


To learn more about UWI programmes and research in Mathematics please visit:

Department of Mathematics:

Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad:

Mathematics Bridging Programme:





Published on 29 Mar, 2021

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