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FST Students awarded Erasmus Mundus Scholarships

Photo caption: Matthew Williams (left), Gabrielle Burke (right)

Matthew Williams, a graduate student pursuing an MPhil in Applied Physics with a focus on Renewable Energy Systems and Climate Studies, was awarded an Erasmus (exchange) scholarship to partake in a PhD research study at the University of Valladolid, Spain between September and December 2021. The study entails the implementation of a power-line based communication system at the module level of a photovoltaic power plant in order to have a real-time, low-cost monitoring system of each individual solar module in the plant for early fault detection and maintenance. The output of this study will contribute to global awareness pertaining to an increase in renewable installed capacity to reduce emissions and combat climate change challenges. Matthew’s current academic endeavour aligns with his undergraduate degree, BSc Energy and Environmental Physics (First Class Honours), which was awarded in 2019. In acknowledging his class of degree, Matthew said, "It is not an attempt at self-glorification but to hopefully bring across the following point: It’s worth it, and you can do it too! I feel moved to share with you that taking the time and putting in the work truly will always open doors of endless possibility for anyone. Exercising your best, always, whether it is attaining first class honours or not, will never instil or give rise to a moment of regret in one’s future but always provide a sense of propulsion towards self-actualization." Matthew further attributed his success to his participation in national and regional internships facilitated by the Department of Physics, which he believed provided valuable experience required to delve into his research role at the University of Valladolid.

Gabrielle Burke, a second-year undergraduate student pursuing a BSc in Computer Science, was also awarded an Erasmus (exchange) scholarship to the University of Birmingham between September and December 2021 to pursue computing-related courses. She recalled that she was elated when she learnt that she had been awarded the scholarship and therefore advised other students to "intentionally make the most of their university experience by taking advantage of the opportunities present.

The Faculty congratulates Matthew and Gabrielle on their achievements!

Visit the International Students Office to learn more about Erasmus Mundus and other international scholarships.





Published on 14 Dec, 2021

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