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How To Apply

Application for the National Baking Company Foundation STEM Enhancement Scholarship Fund/BOOST programme begins with the completion of the Application Form and Referee’s Report.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Obtain the Application Form And Referee’s Report*:

  3. Complete all applicable sections of the Application Form.

  5. Desired referees should complete the Referee’s Report.  Persons completing the Referee's Report must know the applicant for at least two years. The Referee's Report may be completed by:
    • Senior members of The UWI academic staff (e.g. lecturer)
    • Student Services & Development Managers (SSDM)
    • UWI Counsellors (Health Centre)
    • Justices of the Peace
    • Ministers of Religion
    • High School Principals/Vice Principals
    • Guidance Counsellors

  7. Obtain an unofficial copy of your UWI transcript, a passport-like digital photograph and your curriculum vitae.

  9. Submit soft copies of the Application Form and two Referee's Reports, an unofficial copy of UWI transcript, your passport-like digital photograph and curriculum vitae, by clicking the link below:

Submit Application Documents

*Application Forms and Referee’s Report Forms are available only on the website.

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