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International Day of Education| Spotlighting the voices of FST’s students and staff

Today, January 24, 2022 the world celebrates the United Nation’s Fourth International Day of Education under the theme “Changing Course, Transforming Education.” It is quite appropriate that the Faculty of Science and Technology celebrates this day since we ‘are becoming the go to place for science education, training, research and solutions.’

Education and development are inextricably linked in a fixed equation. Sustainable Development Goal #4 aims to ‘ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all’. COVID-19 has significantly challenged this by forcing us to rely on digital technology as the main tool for teaching and learning. The digital divide in developing countries has increased learning losses and inequalities based on access. The Faculty is striving to continue providing an inclusive environment which supports and enables learners while providing a Fulfilling, Satisfying and Transformative educational experiences. We aim to build “The Total Student”, encouraging growth in all dimensions, and producing students who embody the seven attributes of the UWI graduate: Critical and creative thinker, Effective communicator with good interpersonal skills, IT-skilled and information literate, Innovative and entrepreneurial, Globally aware and well-grounded in his/her regional identity, Socially, culturally and environmentally and Guided by strong ethical values.

Today, we spotlight the voices our students and lecturers who are definitive stakeholders in the higher education process. Our undergraduate and postgraduate students tell us about the things we are doing right and highlight the changes they want to see while lecturer(s) speak about the future of their profession in an effort to strengthen education and steer transformation (digital) in the Faculty. To see videos:

We invite you to join the conversation!  If you are a FST student or lecturer, click the link below to participate and have your voice heard and your suggestions considered as we collaborate to enhance the FST eXperience for all stakeholders:








Published on 24 Jan, 2022

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