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Jamaica Gleaner Editorial | FST Sargassum research highlighted as part of regional solution to challenge


"In 2018, a Sargassum Research Group was formed with The University of the West Indies’ Professor Mona Webber, a noted marine biologist, as head. The group has been exploring the potential of sargassum as a food additive, for use in breast cancer treatment, and as biofuel to power coastal properties. We await their findings. Other regional and international bodies have also been studying ways of exploiting sargassum for industrial and nutritional purposes." "The people of the region have high expectations that our scientists will collaborate and find technological solutions, and if not, at least suggest ways to use the seaweed to boost the livelihoods of fishermen and other affected persons. The results of the research are promising, and even though the researchers acknowledged that commercialisation will be a challenge, this hopeful signal may assuage long-term concerns about the negative impact of the weed, particularly on people’s livelihoods."

Sargassum washed up along the shoreline of Hellshire Beach in St Catherine
Photo credit: Ian Allen

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