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Meet Danielle Mullings - The new FST Guild Committee President

Danielle Mullings is a second year student, software engineering student who believes strongly in the power of tech and innovation in edifying society. Ultimately she would like to work in areas with civic applications of technology and aspires to become a world leader in technological representation for the Caribbean and Latin America, focusing on enhancing the Caribbean’s pursuit of the SDGs. In the meantime she intends to utilize her tech knowledge and skills to the benefit of the FST student body in her new role as Faculty representative to the Guild and President of the FST Guild Committee.  Outside of school, she dabbles in media and communications - public speaking, writing, photography, painting and video editing. Danielle is particularly passionate about documentary making which she sees as the gateway to cultural retention and the edification of a regional identity. She also aims to advance the Caribbean's capacity to accurately represent its own stories. Danielle has a natural affinity for leadership and youth empowerment and thus serves on youth councils, both locally and internationally, representing the voice of young people in technology, education, national issues and tech for health. Above all, Danielle believes in leading change with authenticity, passion and integrity. FST congratulates Danielle on her new achievement.

Learn more about Danielle's goals for this year as FST Guild President

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Published on 18 Jul, 2020

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