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Meet Marcel Denny: New FST Graduate Representative

In his own words "I am a PhD candidate within the Department of Chemistry, whose research is centered around synthesis of aromatic heterocycles with an interest in the new biological activities they offer. Using science and technology, we can drive change and innovation to develop our country and to a larger extent the world. Chemistry is no exception to this as it is possible to change the world, one reaction at a time. Being a graduate student has its challenges and though it may feel overwhelming at times, through teamwork we can implement a change. Just like a reaction, we need the various reagents to play their respective roles to achieve the desired product. Likewise, all the Departments will have to play their roles to improve the Faculty. It is often said that there is strength in numbers and as a Faculty we can tackle the various issues together. Working together we can create a better Faculty, not just for us but also the future graduate students".

Marcel will serve as the FST Graduate Representative to the Mona Association of Postgraduate Students (MAPS) for 2020/21. He will also lead the FST Graduate student Council for this year. Congrats Marcel!


Published on 18 Aug, 2020

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