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New FST Research Grant | Assessing potential solar geoengineering impacts on Caribbean agriculture

Figure caption: Dr. Leonardo Clarke; Dr. Dale Rankine; Dr. Roxann Stennett-Brown

A team from the Department of Physics has been awarded two grants through the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative (SRMGI) for a proposal to assess the effects of simulated Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Geoengineering on future agriculture yields. This project will be done over two years starting June 2021. The project will be led by Dr. Leonardo Clarke and Dr. Dale Rankine (Physics), Dr. Roxann Stennett-Brown (The UWI, Faculty of Engineering) as well as other UWI collaborators and also researchers from the Instituto de Meteorologia (Cuba). Dr. Clarke and some of his collaborators recently concluded another project also funded by SRMGI which examined potential changes in Caribbean climate if SRM were used to limit global warming. The first set of results from that project were recently published.

To read the first paper: Clarke, Leonardo A.; Taylor, Michael A.; Centella-Artola, Abel; St. Williams, Matthew M.; Campbell, Jayaka D.; Bezanilla-Morlot, Arnoldo; Stephenson, Tannecia S. (2021): The Caribbean and 1.5 °C: Is SRM an Option? In Atmosphere 12 (3), p. 367.

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Published on 09 Sep, 2021

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