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New Research Grant |Urban Flood Risk Management in Guyana and Jamaica

Dr. Arpita Mandal (left) and Dr. Paulette Bynoe (right) 

Dr. Arpita Mandal (Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Geography and Geology) and Dr. Paulette Bynoe (Senior Lecturer, University of Guyana) have received grant funding from The Royal Society UK for a project entitled “Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management in A Changing Climate: Case Studies from Guyana and Jamaica”. The project involves a comparative and interdisciplinary study of the urban flood risk in the two capital cities of Georgetown (Guyana) and Kingston (Jamaica) both of which have been impacted from short duration high intensity rainfall associated with or without tropical storms and hurricanes. An increase in urbanization with limited land space results in excess storm water runoff in these urban coastal cities which are also located on floodplains of major river systems. The funding is a follow-on grant from the Commonwealth Science Conference 2021.

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Published on 19 Aug, 2021

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