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Physics Dept. Celebrates Dr. Victor Douse after 21 Years of Service

Dr. Victor Douse joined the  Faculty of Science and Technology, The UWI Mona on June 1, 2000 where he diligently served the Department of Physics for twenty (21) years until his retirement  in July 2021.  During his tenure, he served in various roles - Demonstrator, Teaching Assistant, Assistant Lecturer and Lecturer. He served in the latter capacity until the time of his retirement. Dr. Douse is remembered by members of staff as being meticulous, jovial and a spirited-professional. He is also regarded as a very student-centred academic who has contributed to the success of hundreds of students. Dr. Douse has undeniably served well.

On the occasion of his retirement, the Department of Physics and by extension the Faculty wishes Dr. Douse all the best in his endeavours.





Published on 25 Oct, 2021

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