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Physics Legacy Series #6: Professor Geoffery Kent BSc, MA, PhD Cambridge

Head: 1971-75

Academic and Professional Background

Professor Geoffery. Kent attended the University of Cambridge where he was awarded a Bachelor of Arts (1955), Master of Arts (1959) and a Doctor of Philosophy (1959) in Physics. After obtaining his Ph.D. he lectured at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria (1959-1964). He came to the University of the West Indies in1964 and for the next seventeen years served in various capacities including lecturer (1964-1965), senior lecturer (1965-1969), reader (1969) Acting Head and subsequently Head (January to September 1970; 1971-75). In 1973 Professor Kent was appointed Professor of Physics.

Professor Kent resigned in 1980 and was subsequently employed as a Senior Scientist at the Institute of Atmospheric Optics and Remote Sensing, and the Science and Technology Corporation Hampton, Virginia where he remained until his retirement in March 2007.

Scientific Initiatives and Departmental Contributions

Professor Kent was a member of the Executive and Standardisation Committee of the Group on Laser Probing of the Atmosphere. He was also acting Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Third Conference on Laser Probing the Atmosphere held, Ocho Rios, Jamaica, September 1970.

Research and Publications

Professor Kent produced over 80 publications in the fields of Atmospheric Studies, including optical and radio techniques, clouds, aerosols, pollution, global climatologies and long-range trends.

He has also supervised a number of graduate students, including subsequent Head of Departments, such as Dr. P. Chin (Ph.D. - 1968), Dr. D. Walwyn (Ph.D. - 1971) and Professor A.Chen (Ph.D. - 1972)


Professor Kent has been the recipient of the NASA Public Service Award (1986) and the NASA Distinguished Public Service Award (1998).


“In Special Physics, my one-on-one interactions and problem-solving sessions with Prof. Kent imbued me with a lifelong love of Physics and a thirst to keep questioning and learning.” - Outstanding 1970s Graduate

Did you know?
Prof. Kent was an ardent athlete and participated in Masters athletic events in later life.


Professor Kent is married and currently resides with wife in Washington D.C.

Published on 05 Mar, 2021

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