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World Food Day 2021| Our actions are our future!

"Our actions are our future - Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life" is this year’s theme for World Food Day being celebrated today, October 16, 2021. In endorsing the overall theme, two activities are highlighted below that demonstrate the Faculty’s contribution to nation building by means of providing education and training opportunities linked to the agri-food industry: 

1). Testimonials from Jamaican ‘Farm Heroines’ who have benefitted from training opportunities provided by the Biotechnology Centre to better their agricultural output.

Ms. Daisy Palmer

“I primarily partake in commercial sedentary farming specifically grown provisions such as; Cauliflower, St. Vincent Yam, Banana, Plantain, Cabbage, Pumpkin, Ginger, and a variety of yams, potatoes, and peppers. My exposure at The University of the West Indies Biotechnology Centre has truly broadened my understanding of agriculture, I was exposed to new and emerging technologies in farming that I would not have think of. This exposure at the Biotech lab has also helped my business dramatically, it opened new ventures in agriculture for me. I received a sweet yam from the Biotech lab and I received almost 30lbs of yam from that single yield which caused me to even be featured in R.A.D.A Seniors in the farming program. I can truly and honestly attest that this program has changed my views on farming and has impacted my livelihood. It is with much admiration and humility that I say thank you to the Biotechnology Centre for such a wonderful program.” Daisy Palmer, Rock Hall St. Andrew

Ms. Debbian Gayle 

“The workshop facilitated by the Biotech Centre Yam group has made an impact on my farm as I now St. Vincent yam and Dasheen skin to reproduce the plant on my farm, from there I was able to produce yam tubers for food. I also plant banana, ginger, plantain, sweet pepper, turmeric, pumpkin, pineapple, corn, hot pepper, okra, cabbage, pak choi and cilantro.  This is the way forward for the Mount Salus Farmers Group.” Debbian Gayle, Member of the Mount Salus Farmers Group, Stony Hill St Andrew 

2).  A video demonstration explaining how to read  nutrition/food labels to better our nutrition [knowledge] - delivered by Dr. Andrea Goldson-Barnaby, Food Chemist, Department of Chemistry.


Our choice of food and the method of consumption affects our health and the sustainability of our planet. We need to therefore purposefully align our choices with actions that will improve the quality of our lives while contributing to the sustainability of our environment. 

Our actions are our future! 








Published on 16 Oct, 2021

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