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Prof. Edward Robinson
Professor Emeritus of Geology
edward.robinson@uwimona.edu.jm tedrobinson01@hotmail.com

Current Research

  • Natural hazards of the coastal zone of Jamaica
  • Shoreline deposits resulting from extreme wave events
  • Larger foraminiferal taxonomy and evolution

Selected Publications


  • Wright, R.M. and Robinson, E . (eds) 1993.Jamaican Biostratigraphy, Geological Society of America Memoir 182, 461 pages.
  • Porter, A.R.D., Jackson, T.A. & Robinson, E. 1982. Minerals and Rocks of Jamaica. A Guide to Identification, Location, Occurrence and Geological History . Jamaica Publishing House, Kingston.

Papers in Scientific Journals and Books

  • Rowe, D.A.-C., Khan, S.A. & Robinson, E .(2009). Chapter 3. Hurricanes or tsunami? Comparative analysis of extensive boulder arrays along the southwest and north coasts of Jamaica: lessons for coastal management . In Macgregor, D., Dodman, D. & Barker, D.(eds) Global Change and Caribbean Vulnerability: Environment, Economy and Society at Risk? UWI Press, Kingston , Jamaica ,
  • Robinson, E ., Khan , S.A. , Rowe, D-A.C., Coutou, R. & Johnson, M.(2008). Emplacement and Evolution of Debris Deposits on Coastal Platforms, Jamaica . Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften , Heft 58, Abstract Volume, 26 th Regional IAS/SEPM Meeting, 1-3 September, Bochum, 231.
  • Robinson, E ., Rowe, D.-A.C. & Khan , S.A. (2006).Wave-emplaced boulders on Jamaica 's rocky shores. Zeitschrift für Geomophologie , Suppl. Vol. 146, 39-57.
  • Robinson, E. (2004). Zoning the White Limestone Group of Jamaica using larger foraminiferal genera: a review and proposal. Cainozoic Geology, 3(1-2), 39-75..
  • Robinson, E. (2004). Changes along the coast of Vere , Jamaica , over the past two hundred years: data from maps and photographs. Quaternary International , 120, 153-161.
  • Cunningham, K.J., Renken, R.A., Wacker, M.A., Robinson, E. , Zygnerski, M.R. & Shapiro, A.M.(2004). Application of carbonate sequence stratigraphy to delineate porosity, preferential flow, and advective transport in the karstic limestone of the Biscayne aquifer, SE Florida . In R. Harmon (ed.) Ford-White Symposium, GSA Special Papers on Karst .
  • Cunningham, K.J., Carlson, J.L., Wingard, G.L., Robinson, E., & Wacker, M.A. (2004). Characterization of aquifer heterogeneity using cyclostratigraphy and geophysical methods in the upper part of the karstic Biscayne aquifer, southeast Florida . U.S. Geological Survey Water Resources Investigative Report WRIR 03-4208, 46 pp.
  • Robinson, E .(2003). Upper Paleogene larger foraminiferal succession on a tropical carbonate bank, Caribbean region. Chapter 17. In : D.R. Prothero, L.C. Ivany, & E.A. Nesbitt (eds.), From Greenhouse to Icehouse: The Marine Eocene-Oligocene Transition . Columbia University Press, New York : 294-302.
  • Mitchell, S., Khan, S., Maharaj, R. & Robinson, E (2002). Carbonate beach sediment composition at a tourist beach, Negril , Jamaica . In O.T. Magoon, L.L. Robbins & L. Ewing, (eds.), Carbonate Beaches, 2000 , American Society of Civil Engineers: 204-217.
  • Gunter, G.C., Robinson, E. & Mitchell, S.F.(2002). A new species of Omphalocyclus (Foraminiferida) from the Upper Cretaceous of Jamaica and its stratigraphical significance. Journal of Micropalaeontology 21 (2): 149-153.
  • Drobne, K., Cosovic, V. & Robinson, E .(2002) Velike miliolide zgornje krede in paleogena skozi prostor in cas. Geologija , 45(2), 359-366
  • Robinson, E .(2000). Comment on the Stratigraphic Occurrence of Pseudolepidina Barker & Grimsdale, Linderina Schlumberger and Caudriella Haman & Huddleston in Jamaica. Proceedings of the Fifth Meeting of IGCP393 IUGS UNESCO, Ferrara, July 21-22, 2000, Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Ferrara , 3, 57-59.
  • Robinson, E . & Mitchell, S. F.(1999). Middle Eocene to Oligocene stratigraphy and palaeogeography in Jamaica : a window on the Nicaragua Rise. (UNESCO/IGS IGCP 393) Contributions to Geology UWI Mona , 4, 45 p.
  • Jackson , T.A., Draper, G., Robinson, E . & Fluegeman, R.H. (1998). Field Guide to the geology of Eastern Jamaica . In Donovan, S.K. and Mitchell, S.F. (eds.) Articles, Field Guides and Abstracts, 15th Caribbean Geological Conference, Kingston , June 29 th July 2 nd . Contributions to Geology UWI Mona , 3, 10-21.
  • Mitchell, S.F., Miller, D.J., Robinson, E. and Porter, A.R.D.(1998). Field Guide to the geology of Central Jamaica . In Donovan, S.K. and Mitchell, S.F. (eds.) Articles, Field Guides and Abstracts, 15th Caribbean Geological Conference, Kingston , June 29 th July 2 nd . Contributions to Geology UWI Mona , 3, 36-51.
  • Robinson, E . & Laughton, D.V. (1998). Burlington and Jupiter landslides, Rio Grande valley: comparison with Millbank landslide as examples of processes producing natural dams. Proceedings Second Caribbean Conference on Natural Hazards and Disasters, Kingston , Jamaica , 9-12 October 1996. Unit for Disaster Studies, UWI.,Publication No. 3 , 56-61 .
  • Kohl, B. & Robinson, E .(1998). Foraminiferal biostratigraphy of the Bowden Shell Bed, Jamaica . Contributions to Tertiary and Quaternary Research, 35, 29-46.
  • Droxler, A.W., Burke, K., Cunningham, A.D., Hine, A.C., Rosencrantz, E., Duncan , D.S., Hallock, P., & Robinson, E .(1998). Caribbean constraints on circulation between Atlantic and Pacific Oceans over the past 40 million years. In Crowley , T.J. & Burke, K. (eds), Tectonic Boundary Conditions for Climate Reconstructions , Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics, Oxford University Press, 169-191.
  • Robinson, E . (1997). The Eocene larger foraminifer Lepidocyclina ariana Cole and Ponton from the so-called Polylepidina gardnerae horizon, Little Stave Creek, Alabama. Journal of Paleontolog y, 71(1), 1-5.
  • Robinson, E.(1997). Paleocene fossils from the White Limestone Group in eastern Jamaica . Journal of the Geological Society of Jamaica , 32, 43-45.
  • 1996
  • Robinson, E. (1997). Stable isotopic evidence for relative and eustatic sea-level changes in Eocene to Oligocene carbonates, Baldwin County , Alabama : discussion. Geological Society of America Bulletin , 108 (1), 117-119.
  • Robinson, E . (1997). The occurrence of the foraminiferal genus Halkyardia in the Caribbean region. Caribbean Journal of Science , 32 (1), 72-77.
  • Robinson, E . Charles Alfred Matley: His links with mid Twentieth Century geology in Jamaica . In Donovan, S.K. (ed.), De la Beche Meeting, Contributions to Geology, UWI, Mona , 2 , 20-26.
  • Robinson, E . (1997). Field Guide to the Natural Bridge at Riversdale, Lluidas Vale, and the eastern end of the Central Inlier, Jamaica. In Donovan, S.K. (ed.), De la Beche Meeting, Contributions to Geology, UWI, Mona , 2, 27-33.
  • Robinson, E . (1997). Freemans Hall beds and Stettin Limestone Member, Chapelton Formation, Jamaica: a revision of Geological Sheets 8, 9 and 12. Journal of the Geological Society of Jamaica , 31, 23-32.
  • Robinson, E ., Ahmad, R., Phillip-Jordan, C, and Armstrong, M. (1997). The Burlington landslide, mouth of the Rio Grande , Jamaica : an example of an ancient slide dam? Journal of the Geological Society of Jamaica , 31, 37-42.
  • Robinson, E . (1997). Peat Resources of Jamaica. In Lappalainen, E. (ed.) Global Peat Resources . International Peat Society / UNESCO / Geological Survey of Finland , p. 275-278.
  • Robinson, E . (1997). Using larger foraminifers in high resolution biostratigraphy: an example from the Eocene of the Gulf of Mexico and northern Caribbean . Palaios , 11, 220-229.
  • Robinson, E ., and Jiang, M.M.(1995). Evolution of the foraminiferal genus Lepidocyclina in the Middle Eocene and its implication for Gulf Coast stratigraphy. Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies Transactions , 45, 509-517.
  • Robinson, E . (1995). Larger foraminiferal assemblages from Oligocene platform carbonates, Jamaica : Tethyan or Caribbean ? In Langer, M.R. (ed.) Forams '94, Marine Micropaleontology , 26, 313-318.
  • Robinson, E. (1994), Chapter 6, Jamaica : In Donovan, S.K., and Jackson , T.A. (eds), Caribbean Geology: An Introduction , p. 111-127.
  • Jackson , T.A., and Robinson, E .(1994), Chapter 13, The Netherlands and Venezuelan Antilles : In Donovan, S.K., and Jackson , T.A. (eds), Caribbean Geology: An Introduction , p. 249-263.
  • Robinson, E .(1993), Some imperforate larger foraminifera from the Paleogene of Jamaica and the Nicaragua Rise: Journal of Foraminiferal Research , 23 ( 1), 47-65.
  • Droxler, A.W., Cunningham, A.,Hine, A.C., Hallock, P., Duncan , D., Rosencrantz, E., Buffler, R. & Robinson, E (1993). Late middle(?) Miocene segmentation of an Eocene-early Miocene carbonate megabank on the northern Nicaragua Rise. EOS, Supplement 73 , S299.
  • Ahmad, R., Earle, A.H., Hughes, P., Mahraj, R., and Robinson, E .(1993), Landslide damage to the Boar River water supply pipeline, Bromley Hill , Jamaica : case study of a landslide caused by Hurricane Gilbert (1988). Bulletin of the International Association of Engineering Geology , 47, 59-70.
  • Robinson, E ., and Wright, R.M.(1993), Jamaican Paleogene larger foraminifera. In Wright, R.M., and Robinson, E. (eds), Jamaican Biostratigraphy, Geol.ogical Society of America Memoir 182, 283-345.

Professional Society Memberships

  • Fellow, Third World Academy of Sciences
    Member, Standing Committee for Caribbean Geological Conference Series
    Member, Editorial Board, Journal of the Institute of Marine Affairs, Trinidad
    Member, Jamaica National Committee of the International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP)
    Manager, Marine Geology Unit, Department of Geography & Geology, UWI

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