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About the Human Resource Management Division

The Human Resource Management Division is responsible for a broad spectrum of activities and initiatives geared towards::

  • Attracting, engaging, & retaining outstanding employees;
  • Providing a safe and healthy teaching, learning and working environment; and
  • Developing employees and students (through the ‘Work-Study’ programme) to their fullest potential which will not only enable them to produce regionally but internationally as well.

The HRMD is led by a Director and 2 Senior Assistant Registrars. Their main areas of responsibility are detailed below.

ERCBOSH – Employee Relations, Compensation, Benefits, Occupational Safety & Health

Senior Assistant Registrar, Mr. Raymond Eytle

Main responsibilities include: Pensions, Health, Safety, Employee Relations and Compensation

OD&ES – Organisational Development & Employment Services

Senior Assistant Registrar, Ms. Sandra Powell-Mangaroo

Main responsibilities include: Recruitment, Staffing, Performance Management, Training & Development and Career Planning.

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