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Training and Development


The greatest asset of the University of the West Indies in achieving its mission is its staff. The institution seeks to achieve excellence through the personal, academic and professional development and training of all staff members to meet the goals and objectives of the institution, as reflected in its Strategic Plan.

The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus recognises that a key factor in achieving its mission and full business potential is the development and training of all its staff so that they can achieve their full potential within the context of the University’s goals and objectives.

As a consequence, the University will provide those development and training opportunities which are essential to developing and maintaining a competent,flexible and motivated workforce.

Wherever possible, development and training activities will take into account staff members’ career goals and aspirations while remaining relevant to the University’s needs.

The University is committed to fostering a learning culture in which continuous learning and self-improvement at all levels of staff are nurtured and encouraged.

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  • To provide new staff members with orientation to their work area and the University through a coordinated orientation and induction programme;
  • To ensure relevant staff development and training activities are accessible and available to all members of the University;
  • To assist staff members in adjusting to technological and organizational and environmental change;
  • To improve the scope and depth of leadership, management skills, knowledge and attitude;
  • To promote job satisfaction, heightened morale and well-being;
  • To provide opportunities for continuous improvement and career advancement;
  • To foster the development of positive work attitudes and behaviours.

Performance Management

The University of the West Indies, Mona recognises the importance of attracting, training, and retaining competent staff in all of its Faculties, Departments, and Business Units. This is necessary in order to achieve its strategic, tactical and operational objectives, and by so doing, achieve its Mission.

The Human Resource Management Division and the Unions recognise that an effective, efficient Performance Management System will achieve a number of important organisational benefits, including the following:

  1. Provide an opportunity for the setting of Performance standards and objectives in conjunction with staff members and in keeping with organisational goals
  2. Provide Heads of Department and Supervisors with a method of objectively evaluating the performance of their staff and to give feedback.
  3. Provide an opportunity for staff to be given guidance and direction and to participate in the identification of their Developmental needs, as they relate to current jobs and career growth.
  4. Provide a framework for promoting a culture of responsibility, accountability and transparency
  5. Provide a basis for equitable reward and recognition, as well as providing inputs for succession planning.
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