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Guidelines for New Staff

Having signed my contract what is the next step?

  1. Please advise the Human Resource Management Division (HRMD) by telephone, 1-876-8305 or fax 1-876-970-2702, and mail the contract to us as soon as possible (see overleaf for contact information).
  2. In your offer (package) there should be a medical form which you are required to complete and return to the HRMD before you assume duties 

Reporting to Work

Having reported to your Department, the Head of Department will make arrangements for you to be introduced to the relevant officers to complete the recruitment process. You should be taken/directed to the following offices:

Human Resource Management Division

  • You will receive a staff information package (you will be required to sign, acknowledging receipt of the package upon assumption of duties)
  • You will required to complete the enclosed forms and return them to the HRMD
  • Your data will be entered into the Peoplesoft HRMS and your identification number will be generated
  • You will be required to attend you HRMD to be photographed for your ID card, which is immediately available.
  • Your completed enrolment forms for the health scheme should be handed in to this office as well

New Staff Forms

Administrative. Technical and Service (ATS) Academic, Senior Administrative and Professional (ASAP)
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