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Assisted Passage

Members of the Administrative and Technical staff with not less than six years continuous service and receiving a qualifying salary at a rate agreed at the most recent regarding shall be eligible to apply for three months leave of absence to facilitate their travel abroad in keeping with the provisions for Assisted Passage. The provisions as set out in Appendix III will apply.

Pre-emption of Assisted Passage Leave

An employee who is entitled to Assisted Passage Leave and who is within one year of either the time requirement or the qualifying salary may, under special circumstances, apply to Finance and General Purposes Committee, Mona to pre-empt his/her passage allowance, detailing reasons for the request.

An employee who is granted permission by F&GPC, Mona to pre-empt taking up the allowance shall receive four-fifths (4/5) of the allowance and shall be entitled to receive the balance of the allowance as a loan, with interest at the prevailing market rate of interest. If he/she continues in the service of the University until the date when he/she should have been eligible for the full allowance, the loan and interest thereon shall have been deemed liquidated. If he/she ceased to be in the employ of the University before that date, so much of the loan and interest as has not been discharged by the service to the University since return (the portion of service discharging and equivalent proportion of the loan) shall become immediately payable.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Finance and General Purposes Committee, Mona may on Medical Grounds grant the full allowance to a staff member applying to pre-empt.

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