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Educational Facilities

Assistance may be given by the University authorities to those who wish to pursue approved courses for study. Such assistance may take a variety of forms, but it is contingent on the availability of funds and adequate arrangements being made in the section for the duration of the leave.

Approved courses will be those leading to certificates, diplomas, degrees and other professional qualifications in disciplines which are of value to the University. Forms of assistance include:

  • reimbursement of tuition and examination fees;
  • day release
  • time off during the day when day attendance at classes is unavoidable;
  • day release;
  • leave for study purposes at 50% normal salary
  • scholarships for full-time attendance at courses (usually funded by external agencies)

Application for assistance under any of the above alternatives must be made in writing to the Human Resource Management Division, through the Head of Department.

Full-time permanent employees, their children husbands or wives who are accepted for entry to a course at the University will be exempt from paying tuition fees (including examination fees were compounded) provided that:-

  • they are not in receipt of a scholarship or other awards which includes payment of tuition fees;
  • the employees is still in the employ of the University or in receipt of a pensions from the University.

Reimbursement of Tuition and Examination Fees for Courses other than approved courses

The Finance and General Purposes Committee, Mona, agreed to the following with respect to the reimbursement of tuition and examination fees for other than approved coursesfor permanent members of the Administrative, Technical and Service staff :-

  • fees should not be reimbursed for courses leading to qualifications which are a requirement for the particular job;
  • reimbursement of tuition and examination fees should be made only on successful completion of the course, or if the course is segmented, on successful completion of each part of the course which may be regarded as a complete unit;
  • submissions can be made by Heads of Department to be considered by the Committee for fees to be reimbursed to persons who have done courses leading to additional skills relevant to the Department or the University as a whole.
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