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Bridging Programme

Bridging Programme

Department of Mathematics, UWI, Mona
  • Strenghthen your essential mathamatics
  • Small student/tutor ratio
  • Designing for incoming FST students

Bridging Programme

To prepare Students for the rigours of University study by reinforcing their basic mathematical skills

Anyone who wants to improve their basic mathematics skills can participate. However places are limited so incoming first-year students who have not studied mathematics successfully to CAPE level will receive priority.

With the support and guidance of highly-qualified tutors, students work intensively in groups of no more than six students on the following topics:

1.    Calculations and Calculators;

2.    Fractions, Decimals and Percentages;

3.    Algebra - Variables and Expressions;

4.    Algebra - Equations;

5.    Algebra - Indices;

6.    Logarithms and exponentials;

7.    Trigonometry;

8.    Functions and Graphs;

9.    The Straight Line;

10.    Differentiation;

11.    Applications of Differentiation;

12.    Integration.

From the beginning of Semester 1, programme sessions take place for two hours per week, continuing for nine weeks.

The full programme fee of JD$6,500 must be paid in advance to guarantee a place. For students who can demonstrate a genuine financial need, the Department of Mathematics has put in place the "Mathematics Bridging Programme Award". Awardees will have the fee waived.

Send an email to with

1.    Full name;

2.    Grades in CXC and CAPE Mathematics;

3.    Intended courses in 2019/20 academic year.

They will receive full instructions on how to pay the programme fee, along with details of the Mathematics Bridging Programme Award.

Important: We will use email as the means of communication, so you must check your email inbox very regularly.

Bridging Programme

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