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Olympiad Resource Centre

Welcome to the home of the Mathematical Olympiad (Jamaica)
Presented by the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science & Technology, The University of the West Indies

The Jamaican Mathemtical Olympiad (JMO) comprises two distinct series of Mathemtical Competition. One, called the Junior Mathematical Olympiad, is for students in the upper primary grades (4 through 6).  The older, called the Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad, is for students in secondary schools (grade 7 through 11).  In addition, the high-school competition is followed by a selection examination, after which the three best performers are named to the Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad Team.  this team competes in an international Olympiad called the Central American and Caribbean Mathematical Olympiad (CENTRO).  The CENTRO is open to students in paricipating countries aged 16 years or younger.

You can access news, some past papers, and other materials. Click on the link below for the Olympiad of your choice.

Junior Mathematical Olympiad (Primary School)

Jamaican Mathematical Olympiad (High School)

The Mathematics Olympiad Award Ceremony was held on Wednesday, June 12th 2019 at The Assembly Hall.

Awards were given to over 50 students from both High and Primary Schools.

  • 12 Primary/Prep schools were given plaques for being the top performing schools.
  • 11 plaques were given to the top 10 High Schools.

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