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MATH6628 - Differential Geometry

This course is about the analysis of manifolds such as curves, surfaces and hypersurfaces in higher dimensional space using the tools of calculus and linear algebra. There will be many examples discussed, including some which arise in the theory of general relativity. Emphasis will be placed on developing intuitions and learning to use calculations to verify and prove theorems. Students need a good background in linear algebra. Some exposure to differential equations is helpful but not absolutely necessary.

MATH6634 - A course in the History of Mathematics

In this course, students will study the origins and development of topics of great modern importance. The course is designed primarily for graduate students interested in teaching and mathematics pedagogy. However, it is suitable for all mathematics students also. The course will focus primarily on the axiomatic development of mathematics, the creative processes leading to new methods, and, the development of the calculus.

History of Mathematics

This course will provide teachers and students of mathematics with the historical background of their discipline. It will also enable them to further studies in this area independently.

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