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Sustainable development goals

Incorporating the Outlying Member States in Sustainable Intra-CARICOM Migration Policies


Intra-CARICOM migration is advocated as a strategic tool for fostering a
regional identity and development, but immigrants’ origins and
destinations impact these goals. Based on in-depth interviews and a crossnational
survey, this article delineates how intra-regional migrants from
outlying member states perceive their integration and mobility experiences
within CARICOM. Information-deficiencies, non-acceptance and the
absence of positive migration narratives undermined both their lived
experiences and attachments to CARICOM. The article makes

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Community-based Approaches and Measuring the SDGs


As communities work towards Agenda 2030 and attaining the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs), awareness, localization, assessment and
measurement will play a key role in assessing the progress made. The
importance of community-based approaches to development has been
recognized, and small data has been identified as a critical component of
initiatives to support the assessment and measurement of the SDGs. This
study explores community-based approaches in relation to the SDGs,

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