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Community-based Approaches and Measuring the SDGs


As communities work towards Agenda 2030 and attaining the Sustainable
Development Goals (SDGs), awareness, localization, assessment and
measurement will play a key role in assessing the progress made. The
importance of community-based approaches to development has been
recognized, and small data has been identified as a critical component of
initiatives to support the assessment and measurement of the SDGs. This
study explores community-based approaches in relation to the SDGs,

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Knowledge Brokerage, SDGs and The Role of Universities


This article contends that knowledge brokerage should be recognized as a
key function of regional universities as Caribbean states seek to advance
the 2030 development agenda. As Caribbean universities evolve, public
engagement and linkage and exchange mechanisms that support the
developmental and entrepreneurial missions of modern universities need
to be strengthened. By detailing the case of a University of the West Indies-
Trinidad and Tobago RDI Fund project to demonstrate how the societal

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