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About AGRE

Welcome to the Association of Graduate Studies in Education (AGRE) home page. It is our hope that your being here will prove empowering and impactful as you hone and improve your research competencies, dispositions and knowledge as a graduate student or an education practitioner.

Re-established in 2016, the Association of Graduate Researchers in Education (AGRE) aims to support and improve the overall research capacity and expertise of its members through professional development, mentorship, conference presentations and academic writing opportunities. The AGRE focuses on all spheres of education through research. The association falls within the remit of the School of Education at the University of the West Indies, Mona.


AGRE, the leading research association for graduate researchers in the field of education.


The AGRE aims to:

  • Create platforms to discuss and address issues and concerns related to education, locally and internationally
  • Promote professional development of members through seminars, conferences and mentorship
  • Network with key stakeholders in addressing issues and practices impacting education
  • Augment the capacity of members in conducting high quality research
  • Collaborate with School of Education faculty in conducting research relevant to issues and problems impacting the education system
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