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Dudley Grant Early Childhood Resource Center (DGECRC)

The Dudley Grant Early Childhood Resource Centre (DGECRC) was established in 1996 under the Dudley Grant Memorial Trust.  In recognition of the outstanding work of Dudley Grant in the development of early childhood education, the Trust was established to be an advocate for early childhood education of the highest quality and to provide advice on infrastructure  development and maintenance of standards among early childhood interests not only in Jamaica but also in the Caribbean. The Trust collaborates with the Early Childhood Unit in the Ministry of Education and the Open Campus on a variety of initiatives relating to early childhood programmes.  

The mission of the Centre is to promote best practices in Early Childhood Development in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.  The Centre has been providing Early Childhood curriculum support services to practitioners, students enrolled in certificate, diploma, undergraduate and post-graduate programmes, as well as the public, in general.  In Jamaica, it has provided support for the work of a number of Early Childhood Development resource centres which were established by the Ministry of Education across the country.

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