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About The Radioactive Classroom

Four-walled Classroom spaces have shaped the teaching-learning dynamics for schooling globally. The advancement of technology and its application to classroom have removed the physical boundaries of classroom spaces with the opening of virtual classrooms through the World Wide Web. These new technological spaces provide access to information and new resources such as blogs, chat rooms, blackboards for teachers’ use but there remains this wide gap in teachers’ pedagogical training and professional development and the attendant experiences that foster teacher self- efficacy and teacher quality assurance in fixed classroom spaces and the engagement of teachers in carving out new teaching- learning spaces in their particular and localized settings. Such culturally –specific every day embedded settings are the best sites for the ongoing pedagogical training of teachers for curriculum delivery, professional learning communities, student achievement and the fostering of Best Practice school cultures. The School of Education Radio Active Classroom is a direct response to this need for the ongoing pedagogical development of teachers in raising the bar in teacher quality and the quality of learning for national and regional development.


The Radio Active Classroom on NEWS Talk 93 FM is a School of Education innovation that strengthens the pedagogical development of teachers through inquiry, intervention, innovation and research. Our mission is to reach every teacher and every child in a single wall-less teaching –learning space and engage stakeholder participation as a quality assurance mechanism in sustaining excellence in teaching.


Our programmes support curriculum reform processes at the national and regional (Caribbean) levels through the modelling of best classroom practices on radio and the use of radio as a new teaching-learning for the engagement of teachers, learners, curriculum developers and policy makers in on –going conversations for quality assurance and sustainability.
New Directions in Teaching and Learning at the Secondary Level
Caribbean Examination Council New School Based Assessment in English Examinations

In Search of the Innovative Teacher of CSEC English A

The Radio-Active Classroom

Alternative Pathways to Secondary Education (APSE) Curriculum Communication Skills/Use of Technology Curriculum. Students who are falling behind in national stands in literacy showcase their engagement with simulated radio stations in their classrooms.

These are the signature programmes for The Radio Active Classroom heard every Saturday at 2:00- 3:00 p.m. on News Talk 93 FM our university radio

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