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Violence and Aggression

Behavioral Intervention Programme Dealing with Violence and Aggression in the Classroom

The Behavioural Intervention Programme - was organized as a summer camp in August 2008 by the Departmental of Educational Studies in collaboration with the Papine High School. It was designed to address behavioural problems at the school and was an off-shoot of the current project “Arresting Behavioural Problems in Schools”. The participants involved were nine (9) students from the Papine High School (two girls and seven boys) as well as Dr. S. Anderson and peer counsellors, from the course/project ED37Z “Dealing with Violence and Aggression in the Classroom”.

The students were taught Art and Craft, time management and social and cognitive behaviour management/coping skills. They also visited several areas of importance they had not visited previously. The idea was to get the students prepared to talk about and appreciate the concepts, history and aspects of citizenship which they would be learning during the remainder of the summer camp. Various presenters encouraged the students to learn about their environment, how to own it by their own contribution and to fulfill their role in life in their own unique way. Specifically, students benefited from a number of presentations on very relevant issues which were done in a manner that was very inter-active.

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