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Administrative Staff

Dr. Herbert Gayle

Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work! As you may have already discovered, our focus is on the behavioural sciences, including Anthropology, Demography, Development, Human Resource Development, and Social Policy. As new and returning students you come from various geo-social zones and socio-economic backgrounds that shape your views on how the world operates.

Human Resource Development

Olivene Thomas

Tel:(876) 970-1962 | Ext: 8583


Franklyn Wapp

Tel:(876) 977-0315 | Ext: 8578

Lorado Bowley

Tel:(876) 977-0315 | Ext: 8580


Joan Williams

Tel:876-977-0315 | Ext: 8509

Sharon Heron-Robinson

Tel:(876) 977-0315 | Ext: 8511

Social Work

Tameka Claudius

Tel:(876) 977-0315 | Ext: 8582

Tesi Scott

Tel:(876) 977-0315 | Ext: 8582

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