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Zoom is being widely used across the University for virtual meetings and for teaching during this period of disruption due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.  In recent weeks, a number of cases of intrusion into Zoom sessions have been reported. Zoom has many features to ensure privacy and security of meetings, but unless the security and privacy settings are in place for your meeting, your Zoom session will be vulnerable to malicious intrusions.


Here are some useful tips to ensure that your Zoom meetings are secure:


1.      Update to the latest version of the Zoom App. Apple Mac users should uninstall the Zoom App and install the latest version while Windows users should update to the latest version         from


2.      Use the Password Protect feature to protect Zoom meetings and share the password only with the designated participants.


3.      Disable screen sharing for participants and allow only the meeting host can present


4.      Enable the "Waiting Room" feature so that you can see who is attempting to join the meeting before allowing them access.


5.      Disable “Join before host” feature.


6.      Enable Mute participant upon entry.


7.      Make sure that your Windows and/or MacOS updated to the latest version.


8.      Make sure that the Symantec Endpoint (antivirus) software is updated to the latest version.


Please see the links below for instructions on how to adjust your Zoom settings to secure your meetings:


-          Link to best practices:

-          Practice safe use of Zoom:

-          More information from the CEO of Zoom:

-          6 Tips to Deter Zoom-bombers - in times of disruption



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Summer School

Important Dates:

Registration: May 04 - June 14, 2020

Late Registration (Add/Drop) with financial penalty (US$30)-: June 15 - 19 2020

Teaching Begins - June 15, 2020

Teaching Ends- July 31, 2020

Other important dates are available on the 2019/2020 Academic Calendar-:



The following link provides the list of online courses for Summer, 2019/2020:


Registration Guidelines:

Please review the 2019/2020 Summer Guidelines document available at: -:


Students from other UWI campuses seeking Cross Campus Registration  with The UWI Open Campus for Summer 2019/2020 are required to complete and submit an online application via the admissions portal


Non-UWI students who wish to apply for Special Admission for Summer 2019/2020 are required to complete an online application via The UWI Open Campus admissions portal  and submit their supporting documents via email to or for consideration.


The online application period for Special Admission and Cross Campus Registration is

May 04, 2020 - June 14, 2020.



  • The same online registration override process used in Semesters 1 and 2, 2019/2020 will be used in Summer.   Please see video link for ease of reference:


Student Requests:


Requests for the following services are available online via electronic forms on the Student Portal under the heading Student Services, sub-heading Forms and Booklets  (NB: paper-based or emailed requests will not be accepted).:   

    • Site Transfer
    • Leave of Absence (NB: Applicable for programmes with a compulsory summer session only and the link will be available to students effective May 04, 2020)
    • Programme Transfer (i.e. for Semester 1, 2020/2021 transfer requests only)
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